Shogun Ju Jitsu International (SJJI) has been forged from many years of both national and international experience.   We deliver a complete, modern training system whilst retaining certain traditional aspects of the art.  

Our syllabus provides a system for all ages and abilities and can be tailored to suit each student’s specific requirements.    We practise a wide variety of self-defence techniques combining striking, throwing, groundwork, chokes, locks, holds and counter techniques, together with a comprehensive range of traditional weapons training.

SJJI’s Chief Instructor is Sensei Simon Rimington who has vast experience in conducting courses and gradings both in the UK and internationally (including Iceland, Sweden, Spain, Sicily, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Israel and Canada).  Sensei Rimington is also a former UK Display Team member and has appeared in various martial arts publications and Advanced Ju Jitsu and Kobudo DVDs.